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18313 S County Road 325, Cross Creek, FL 32640


Cross Creek, FL

Jim Doyle
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M: (352) 538-3431

Personality Quiz

Items marked with ! are required inputs.

  1. Name: !
  1. !

( 1 = Rarely , 2 = Occasionally , 3 = Usually , 4 = Most often , 5 = Always )

  1. 1)
  2. Do I ignore outside negative influences regarding my work and my personal life?
  1. 2)
  2. Am I careful not to jump to conclusions without getting the necessary facts?
  1. 3)
  2. Do I offer help and constructive suggestions to my friends and/or colleagues?
  1. 4)
  2. Do I ask questions to avoid misunderstandings?
  1. 5)
  2. Do I maintain a helpful, friendly attitude toward my fellow workers?
  1. 6)
  2. Do I resist the temptation to prove that I am right and the other person is wrong?
  1. 7)
  2. Do I keep an open mind about new ideas and suggestions?
  1. 8)
  2. Do I establish written goals and Strive to achieve them?
  1. 9)
  2. Do I plan each day’s work with a “to-do” list and stick to it?
  1. 10)
  2. Do I try to maintain a positive mental attitude?
  1. 11)
  2. Am I the type of person that strives to keep up with the latest techniques and information relating to my profession?
  1. 12)
  2. Am I the type of person that attempts to take care of potential problems before they happen?
  1. 13)
  2. Do I consciously try to remember people’s names when I meet them for the first time?
  1. 14)
  2. Do I feel comfortable dealing with people of a different race, nationality, religion or age group?
  1. 15)
  2. Do I find it easy to relax when I am with strangers?
  1. 16)
  2. Do I return telephone calls and keep appointments in a timely manner?
  1. 17)
  2. Do I usually feel calm and comfortable at social events?
  1. 18)
  2. Do I enjoy talking to people even if I don’t know them well?
  1. 19)
  2. Do I enjoy meeting new people?
  1. 20)
  2. Can I attend casual get-togethers at which both sexes are present without feeling nervous or tense?
  1. 21)
  2. Do I make new friends easily?
  1. 22)
  2. Am I usually at ease when I am with a group of people I don’t know?
  1. 23)
  2. Do I enjoy being around people most of the time?
  1. 24)
  2. Do I feel relaxed when I am talking with a stranger over the telephone?
  1. 25)
  2. Do I usually feel relaxed when I meet someone for the first time?
  1. 26)
  2. Can I be introduced to people without feeling tense and nervous?
  1. 27)
  2. Can I enter a room full of strangers without feeling conspicuous?
  1. 28)
  2. Do I decide what I want in life, then go after it?
  1. 29)
  2. Am I comfortable talking to my superiors at work?
  1. 30)
  2. Can I be with a group of people without feeling on edge?
  1. 31)
  2. Can I deal with an obnoxious person without revealing the stress I’m under?
  1. 32)
  2. Do I enjoy talking to people at parties or social gathering s?
  1. 33)
  2. Do I easily adjust to changing situations when working with people?
  1. 34)
  2. Do I take responsibility for introducing people to each other?
  1. 35)
  2. Can I deal with formal social occasions without feeling awkward?
  1. 36)
  2. Do I usually go to whatever social engagements I have scheduled?
  1. 37)
  2. Do I find it easy to relax and work with other people even when their social status is different from mine?
  1. 38)
  2. Do I take the time to build rapport and engage in a little friendly talk before getting down to business?
  1. 39)
  2. When someone else is talking, do I show genuine interest in what that person is saying?
  1. 40)
  2. Am I sensitive to other people and their feelings?
  1. 41)
  2. Am I confident that things are going to work out the way I desire?
  1. 42)
  2. When someone else is talking, do I listen without interrupting?
  1. 43)
  2. Do I use plain simple language, and avoid esoteric terms unless they are necessary?
  1. 44)
  2. Do I maintain proper eye contact with the person to whom I’m speaking?
  1. 45)
  2. Do I listen to what the other person is saying and try to see things from his or her point of view?
  1. 46)
  2. Do I stay on track when I’m communicating, or do I wander off the subject?
  1. 47)
  2. Do I watch for nonverbal signals that are sometimes more important than what the speaker is actually saying?
  1. 48)
  2. Do you think your personal grooming and dress matters to a prospective customer?
  1. 49)
  2. Do you feel comfortable with the idea of working with a minimum of direct supervision?
  1. 50)
  2. Would you be satisfied with a job where your income is based wholly on your own skills, hard work, and dedication?